26" x 12 " x 6" Snidely Wood Fiberglass Replica Florida Fighting Gator Tiki Wall Mount

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Douglas Snider alias "Snidely" has lived in Florida for 30+ years and has fished in both fresh and salt water all his life. I started carving Tiki Totem Poles in 2005 with rescued palm and cypress wood.  My Specialty is marine wild life sculptures but:

I am currently partnering with one of Florida's most experienced Tiki Carvers Jimbo Wright, Alias Tiki JIM who has been carving Tiki totem poles for over 40 years.  We are creating and replicating original designed Tiki Totem Poles. The original TIKI is hand carved by hammer and chisel  

After  the original wood carving is completed, we cast a mold off of the original and then recreates replicas out of the mold.  We use the latest advanced materials includingdurable, Epoxy, Fiberglass and custom acrylic air brush paint and finished with automotive clear coat to make this product much more durable. Our products  last much longer in any environment, inside or outside your home. Made out of these durable almost indestructible material, they will last 10 times longer than any wood Tiki. 

This is our first completed football Team design and replica. University of Florida Fighting Gators.  These reproductions are limited edition of 250 copies and then we destroy the mold. Priced to fit your budget, at half of the cost of a wood carving but will last much longer in an exterior environment. Each Tiki is signed by Snidely, Tiki Jim and Greg Cassell our airbrush artist and assigned the production number.  Thank You